Custom Running Plans by Run Away from Zombies Coaching


You’re not cookie-cutter. Your goals aren’t cookie-cutter. So don’t use a one-size-fits-all plan.

Whether it’s your first 5K, marathon or a personal best in the half, we can work together to build a training plan from scratch that starts at YOUR fitness level, fits into YOUR schedule, and reaches YOUR goals.

If you’re ready for a more personalized approach to training, try our plan design services today.

How It Works

  1. Wanna chat first? No problem! Email me at . We can talk it over and see if this is a good option for you.
  2. Buy via PayPal. After checkout, you’ll be directed to a Runner’s Questionnaire. You’ll be able to discuss your current training, running and racing history, as well as schedule specifics.
  3. If I need any clarification, I’ll email you to discuss. Otherwise, I’ll get started building a plan that will include any tune-up races, vacations, and effective workouts to get you to your goals.
  4. I’ll email your custom schedule within 3 days after questionnaire and any clarification communications. And I’ll be available for email support all throughout your training!

What You'll Get

  • A Google Sheets training log with workout instructions for each day with a place for your notes (or an Excel spreadsheet if that’s your jam)
  • A PDF of the plan suitable for printing for handy reference
  • A PDF with more guidance on your plan
  • Email support during your training for any questions that arise!

$49 / 12-16 week plan

Compare to large companies that start at $79 for an 8 week plan without any continual support.

Race further out than 12-16 weeks? We can stack training plans to improve your running base before race-specific training. Perfect if you want to blow that race out of the water!



How long will my plan be?

Since I build every plan from scratch, their length varies. Most plans are 12-16 weeks long, with longer distance races requiring more training. Writing plans further out than that really isn’t personal to you anymore – it’s estimations at best.

Will you incorporate my work/travel/life into the training plan?

Of course! That’s a big convenience benefit to a personalized plan. When you fill out the assessment, you’ll be able to tell me about your availability to run during the week and there’s space to tell me about any upcoming vacations or other things that will affect training.

I’ll take it all into account and do the mental gymnastics for you to make a plan that will fit into your busy life.

Will you revise the plan as necessary?

I know that sometimes training doesn’t go as planned or life gets in the way.  I’ll be happy to give you some suggestions through email on how you can make changes to the plan and/or get back on track.

Can I see examples?

Yes! These are plans made for real people. You’ll find unique goals, individual starting lines, and room for races/other workouts/life.

These are the handy one-page PDFs included in the package, so you won’t find the details of warm ups, cool downs, or instructions of the individual workouts on these sheets. The above are just to give you an idea of the plans I create.

I haven't started running yet. Are personalized plans for me?

Yes! A custom plan will start where you are and use run/walk intervals to get you to your goal – whether that’s run your first 5K (3.1 miles), consistently exercise 3 times a week, or whatever else is in your heart of hearts.

Many new runners make mistakes that lead to frustration, burnout, or injury. Having a coach outline a realistic and smart plan can bypass many of those hurdles.

I'm not fast. Can I benefit from a custom plan?

Yes! If you’re goal oriented, I can help you improve. Do you want to get faster? Run longer? You don’t have to be ‘fast’ to benefit from a custom-made plan and a little guidance.

I don't like to race. What's the point of a custom plan then?

Races are obvious goals, but they aren’t the only goals. Maybe you’re getting bored with the same-old, same-old and would like to try out some new running workouts. Running longer, more often, or happier could be your goal. Personalized plans aren’t just for racers.

What's your return policy?

If you receive the plan and it doesn’t address your needs sufficiently, I’m happy to revise it. If it’s still not what you were looking for, I’ll give you a no-hassle full refund.