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Running Resources is an ever-updating collection of my favorite websites, training plans, and phone apps for running. Also included is my favorite gear for myself and Oakley.

Run away from zombies Running resources



1. Jog.fm

This search engine sorts songs by BPM. Plug in your mile time and it will offer songs that match your pace.

2. Runner’s World

The website for the popular Runner’s World magazine. It has some great resources, shoe reviews, training advice, and nutrition tips.

3. Strength Running

Website focused on injury-prevention by strengthening muscles needed to run. Has some great injury rehab videos as well, including IT band and Achilles.


1. McMillan race time predictor

It asks for a recent race time, a goal race time, and an email address. But, I’ve learned that you can just enter a recent race time and leave the rest blank. If you do that, you will get a predicted time for all other distances (given preparation). The closer together the races distances, the more accurate (ie 5K to 10K, rather than 5K to marathon).

2. Cool Running’s pace calculator

For when you just don’t feel like converting minutes to seconds, dividing by 3.1, 6.2, or other odd distance, and then converting back to minutes. I’ll be honest, I often don’t feel like doing all that. Time, event distance and pace — plug in 2 of the 3, and get the 3rd. Also, can get a split time chart.

Running Resources

Running Apps I use

1. Nike+

General GPS run tracker. Plays your music, reports pace, records route, gives statistics, achievements, and records. Social element allows you to follow and compete against friends. Also, has incorporated training plans and run reminders. Free to use, Android or iPhone, syncs with other selected apps and websites. Read my review here.

2. Zombies, Run!

GPS run tracker and audio adventure. You are Runner 5 collecting supplies and completing missions with each of your workouts. Android or iPhone, limited free play, monthly or annual subscription. Excellent app! Read my review here.

3. RoadID

GPS safety app made by the RoadID bracelet company. You can use it to notify specific contacts that you are out for a run and provide a link for GPS tracking up to the minute. You can let them know your expected run length and notify them when the run is completed. Has option for Stationary Alert, which sends another alert to your emergency contacts if you have been stationary for 5 minutes.

4. Player FM

The app I use to play podcasts. It’s not a perfect app. If someone has another they like, please email me! My favorite podcasts are Serial, You Must Remember This, ProBlogger, and Welcome to Night Vale. Podcasts are great for recovery runs when you don’t want your great taste in music pushing your pace.

5. Spotify

Streaming music application which has a running playlist feature. It records your running pace and automatically creates a playlist based on steps per minute.

Running resources

Stuff & Things

Running gear I use

Note: this section has affiliate links. If you buy something after clicking the link, I earn a small commission. It costs nothing extra for you, but helps support me and my blog. These are products I use every day and love.

1. RoadID

RoadID makes emergency identification bracelets and shoe tags if you are injured during your adventures and cannot speak for yourself. You can put your name, emergency contacts, and some medical history on a sharp looking bracelet. For those with more extensive medical history, an interactive medical file can be created accessible by URL on the bracelet. I have the Slim version which is easy to slip on before I run.

2. FlipBelt by Level Terrain

The Flipbelt is my favorite running belt. I can carry my key, my GIANT phone, doggie bags, pepper spray, and some energy gels without any discomfort. The belt doesn’t slide up or down or bounce around. And then I throw it in the washing machine. While my friends fight their arm band, I just cruise along. It does not have clips or a system for water bottles, though.

3. Bluetooth headphones

I won’t link my headphones here, because I don’t think they’re the best product out there. But I’ve been using Bluetooth headphones for 4 months now, and it’s fantastic to not be fighting cords all the time.

4. Handheld water bottle by Nathan

A water bottle with a hand strap for grip free running. It has a pocket for a gu gels, cash, or a small phone. I take it for long runs. The bottle opens with hand or mouth and is not easily spilled if attempting gel eating + drinking water. Other versions have a see-thru conductive panel to keep and use your phone.

5. Foam roller

The most versatile of the massage gear. I use it to work my quads and IT bands. You use your own weight to create the pressure. It’s a good warm up for the calves, but difficult to really get enough weight on them. My roller is dense smooth foam, which I feel is less intimidating after a long run.

6. The Stick

I love using the stick to work on my calves. The foam roller just does not get them enough. It hurts so good. It’s also great for travel.

7. Reusable cold packs

For knees!

Running Resources

Oakley dog

Dog running gear

Note: this section has Amazon affiliate links. If you buy something by clicking the link, I earn a small commission. It costs nothing extra for you, but helps support my blog.

1. StarMark training collar

The StarMark collar is a plastic training collar that pinches when the leash is pulled. My 11 year old dachshund who pulled for years is a model citizen in this collar. It helps me communicate with my deaf Australian Cattle Dog, Oakley, during runs as well.

2. KONG traffic handle control leash

I loved the two padded handles on this leash, one at the end, and one closer to the dog. I can keep better spatial control of Oakley when the park gets busy. KONG makes a padded collar as well, but I am not a fan. When I used the leash to correct Oakley, the padding on the collar absorbed it.

3. Glycoflex

Oakley has a titanium rod in his back leg (from getting in a fight with a snowplow). He is at increased risk for arthritis in that leg. Since, I have started him on Glycoflex I have not seen him limp (which he used to do after some runs). We chose Glycoflex because it’s one of the few supplements that have double-blind studies behind it.

4. Collapsible water bowl

Run away from zombies Running resources

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