Today, June 6, 2018 is Global Running Day (and National Running Day). It’s a day where we promote and celebrate activity in our lives. Whether it’s going for a jog, darting for a Frisbee, or going for a long walk with the pup — Global Running Day inspires movement.

While we’re a global community of runners, we all have different reasons we run. And those reasons change as life moves forward. Recently, I’ve reflected on this, and I wanted to share some of the reasons, past and present, I’ve run.

Global Running Day 2018: A Reason to Run


Global Running Day 2018: Four photos of Rebekah running in different places and distances.

In 2014, I ran to see if I could. I made mistakes, but I crossed things off my bucket list as I tried new distances, races, and places.


Global Running Day 2018: Photo of Rebekah and her mom, Rebekah with her dog, Rebekah with her extended family

In 2015, I ran to share my love of running with others. I joined a community group and ran with partners. I invited family to watch me race and to join in.


Global Running Day 2018: Photo of me distressed, me with a medal, me at the starting line, me racing

In 2016, I ran to push myself. Three racing seasons. Going long, and going short and fast. I learned about discomfort and I learned about bravery. I helped others learn and train.


Global Running Day 2018: Five photos: Eating a donut, laughing, me and my brother, me and my husband, running and waving

In 2017, I found a new fear of running. My brother passed away and I feared being alone, outside, with just my thoughts.  I doubled-down and continued to run because it was part of a successful life. And there, I found more fun to be had.


Global Running Day 2018 : Three race photos, two jumping with arms wide, one smiling and running

I started 2018 with some fantastic races, but have found difficulty in returning to the pavement. My best running buddy, Oakley, can no longer join me. I find myself at a low tide.

Now, my reason to run is to find out why I’m running. By running, I open myself to great possibilities.

Find Your Reason

I hope you all have a wonderful Global Running Day. And today, may we all find our reason to run.

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