The Tybee Run Fest (5 events over 2 days equaling a marathon distance)’s 5K was my first evening race and my first time traveling to a race by myself.

To be honest, I found it pretty stressful.

I waited around all day, trying to figure out what to eat.

It took 3 parking meters before I found one that worked.

I had to take my own photos. 🙂

Tybee Run Fest 2014: 5K Race Recap

Tybee Island, GA

Tybee Run Fest 2014: 5K Race Recap

You can tell I was nervous, but some deep breathing on the beach calmed me down.

The race began and ended at North Beach’s light house. I actually had never been to that part of Tybee Island before.

Tybee Run Fest 2014: 5K Race Recap

Tybee Run Fest 2014

The sunset was nice, but waiting around all day made me nervous!

Tybee Run Fest 2014: 5K Race Recap

Starting Line

It was so crowded at the start and it got dark quickly.

I missed seeing the first mile marker.

That was probably a good thing, because I would have realized I was going way too fast!

When I hit the second mile marker at 19:xx min, I knew I was doing good.

When I crossed the line at 30:12, I knew it was a sub-30 time, super exciting. My goal was eventually to have a sub-30 5K, but now I HAS IT!

Tybee Run Fest 2014: 5K Race Recap

My PR Face

29:10 was my official time. 9:23 per mile.

I jumped on a trolley to go find my car, all smiles. TF texted me to congratulate me before I could even tell him my time.

Tybee Run Fest 2014 Race Review

It got dark very quickly after the race start, and some parts of the race were not lit well… or at all. But otherwise it was a really fun local race and I imagine a great kick-start to the racing to come the next day.

I will definitely return again for Tybee Run Fest at some point.