I looked into how to train for a double race (running two races in one day), after signing up for the Beaufort Twilight Challenge. This year’s challenge consisted of a 5K race at 5:00PM followed by an 8K race at 6:15PM. The race supported Riverview Charter School.

Double Race Training Tips

I’m excited about this gorgeous flat course through “beautiful neighborhoods, along parks and marshes, and under grand oak trees”. The 8K actually has a spot where spectators can stay and see the runners 4 different times (start, finish, mile 3, and mile 4) with only one overlap in the course!

There’s an oyster roast at the end as well. But, I didn’t buy a dinner ticket cause there’s a large chance I’ll be going solo and wanting to be getting home to see my loved one. And even if Fiance can make it, he won’t want to stay long after the race.

Double Race Training Tips

Double Race Training Tips

Bob Anderson of Ujena Fit Club recommends training for the total distance and inserting a couple twists in your training routine in the last couple of weeks to orient yourself to the unique challenges of the course.

Three Parts to a Double Race

  1. Race
  2. Rest
  3. Race

All three portions need prep and planning.

Jenn Zack, a long-distance runner, recommended refueling between the races, regardless of total distance. In part, because of the time between the races.

Your body isn’t used to going out and running again 30-45 minutes after it’s already started recovering. Adding a bit of fuel will help jump start you when it comes time to run again.

How will I train?

I’m going to increase my long runs incrementally to handle the distance of double race. My goal is 8 or 8.5 miles.

I’m inserting a 30 min break into two of my runs. These runs will train me to restart and run on tired legs.

The last of my schedule will look like this:

2mi, 30 min break, 2mi 4 mi 7.5 mi
2 mi, 30 min break, 3 mi 3 mi 8 mi
3 mi 2 mi RACE!

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