Running across the Golden Gate Bridge was one of my selected milestones toward my first marathon this year. Unfortunately, the jury is still out on this Achille’s injury.

Lots of walking of ridiculous hills and a circuit training run in Golden Gate Park was probably not what my Achille’s needed. But the trip was wonderful – lots of good food and good wine.

Running Across the Golden Gate Bridge: a milestone to my first marathon

Hills For Days

During my trip, I saw the bridge many times.

Running Across the Golden Gate Bridge

View from Alcatraz

Most days it looked like this. Beautiful skies.

Running Across Golden Gate Bridge

Driving Over

Running across Golden Gate Bridge

On the day I set out to run across Golden Gate Bridge?

Running across Golden Gate Bridge: A milestone to my marathon

Dreary San Fran

It was cold and raining — supposedly will be the worst 20 minutes of weather San Fran will see all year. Ha.

I ran a very small part of it, but mainly just shivered half way across and turned back when my friends asked very politely if we could go home.

Close enough. My Achilles was still bothering me anyway.