Slightly relevant:

Anybody else remember this ad? I think its ingrained in my dinner-thoughts. Often, when I think of meat for dinner, I hear that guys voice saying “[Meat]. It’s what’s for dinner.” Effective advertising.

When I sit down to write my blog posts, things become much more obvious. Perhaps I should consider writing my blog posts before I go run rather than after.

For example, if I wrote “Today I’m going to eat leftover pork and then go run in the heat.” I’d probably then think to myself: Hm, that will probably make me feel gross. Maybe I should eat some oatmeal instead.

Or, if I wrote, “I just got home from work and its really nice out! It’s not even that hot! Maybe I’ll wait three hours and see if it starts to rain. If I get hungry, I can eat some pork.”

But I don’t write posts beforehand. So, yeah. It was really nice out, so I waited three hours, ate some pork, then raced against a thunderstorm, and my tummy hurt.