I welcomed Saturday with open arms.

The end of the week saw the dishes piled up, folded laundry that never made it to the dresser, dirty laundry that never made it to the hamper, and a kitchen floor that desperately needed mopping.

But, instead of all that, I felt it important to use my free day to run and write. You know, after hours of errands.

Running and Writing

I thought that writing a novel would be a good opposite from running. But, I’ve learned that they go well hand-in-hand.

The character in my novel is learning to take new risks. So after I dropped Oakley off, I turned left instead of going straight.

There, I found a tiny park with a giant tree.

I spent most of my run simmering on my story and came back and wrote 4.5 thousand transformative words for my character.

During my run, when I was not thinking about my story, I was thinking about how I was going to starve to death before I got home. I ran 5 miles.

Running and Writing Tree

The Tree

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