This was my third year running an event in the Tybee Run Fest. There are five events that add up to a full marathon in length — 5K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon, 2.8 mi beach run, 1 mi run. Last year I ran the 5K as a way to jumpstart my running again. Year before I ran the 10K. One year I’m going to run all five events and get that challenger’s medal.

When I signed up in November, I was really ambitious with a time goal of 2 hours. However, I really did not take into account mental recovery time from my marathon, experimenting with new shoes, the holidays, tumultuous work situations, and planning a wedding. It was not the time to do my first significant speed training. So in fact, I don’t think I’ve tried to run a specific pace since November.

So last night I looked up my half-way time for my marathon, which was 2:30 and said to myself, “let’s just beat that”. I decided to aim for 11:00-11:30 minute miles, which is where most of my running with Oakley lie. I ate spaghetti, drank two beers, pretended that I ran more than once this week, and called it a night.

I went by myself and was worried about parking, so I was parked by 6:30 AM in an excellent spot. Learning from last year, I brought quarters with me and had no problems when the meter refused to read my credit card. 10K started at 7AM and I sat in the car, stayed warm, and read my running magazine for the 8:30 start.

My stash

My stash

My “Why am I here this early?” face

As the sun rose, it got much warmer and it became a beautiful day to run. I spent some time talking with an army officer who was running all five events (AND had already run with his troop this AM). He asked me if I competed. hahaha… I told him I was proudly middle of the pack. And after a little waiting, it was time to go.

I ran 10:45-ish for the first three miles, assuming I’d slow down as the miles went on. I stopped to loosen my laces just after the first mile, but that was the only time I stopped running. No walking breaks! I started running 10:15-ish.

At mile 8 I decided I should call it a race and speed it up. I knew I couldn’t make 2 hours, but I could try for 2 hr 10 min or 15 min. 9:32, 9:11, 9:12, 8:59, and 8:54 splits. I did not know that was in me. And I have to admit, it was so much fun passing people.

I ran past 5 men in the last stretch. The clock read 2:10:59 (guntime). I just hit refresh on the website and it looks like chip-times are in…


I’ll take it!! And really moreso, I’m excited that with proper, extensive training, I think a sub-2 hr half is possible. And that is scary and also awesome.

Getting married on this island in one month

Getting married on this island in one month

Finisher's medal

Finisher’s medal

20th place out of 52 females in my age group. I AM SPENT. I don’t think there will be any wedding to-dos done today. I’ll rewatch The Walking Dead and get hyped for tomorrow’s mid-season premiere, knowing that in the zombie apocalypse I’ll be just in front of the middle of the pack.