I drove up to Atlanta for GT Pi Mile 2015 race. It was my third GT Pi Mile race and my mom’s second (last year’s recap).

It is quickly becoming our annual tradition. My mom doesn’t run a lot of races, but she keeps this one on her calendar. This year she wasn’t really 5K-ready, but she stayed strong and pushed through.

Due to possible weather issues, registration and bib pick-up was in the stadium.

We got to spend some time with Buzz.

GT Pi Mile 2015 Race Recap

Me & Buzz (Mom: “How do I take a picture? What is happening?”)

He is a cool guy.

GT Pi Mile 2015 Race Recap

Mom & Buzz

Then we lined up on Cherry Street for the start.

GT Pi Mile 2015 Race Recap

Pre-Race Selfie

We ran past the Wreck within the first quarter mile.

GT Pi Mile 2015 Race Recap

Ramblin’ Wreck

GT Pi Mile 2015 Race Recap

Map, pace, and elevation

The course was simple and nice.

It started near Cherry St, passing the CRC, and turning at Howey Physics Building (right by my Biomedical Engineering building). We rand down to The Campanile (nobody swimming), near Tech Square and passed the stadium and my freshman dorm.

It avoided dreaded Freshman Hill because of construction.

…I didn’t mind that part at all. 🙂

GT Pi Mile 2015 Race Recap

Post-Race Selfie

Our time was 46:41, which was slower than last year but I was proud that she never stopped running no matter how many times she looked up and saw an uphill.

Then we went home and did another 5 miles of hiking! Go mom!

Another successful 5K!