It was a horrible run.

6AM Power Yoga, then a run at 7:30AM — 75 degrees, 87% humidity. The numbers don’t seem the high, but trust me, IT FELT LIKE DEATH. Oakley was rolling in the wet grass whenever he could. If I thought it would have helped, I would have done the same.

We finished 1.5 miles (around 11 minute pace), and I thought about heading home. Oakley was being a butt towards the other dogs cause he was hot and angry. Or maybe I just couldn’t control him because I was hot and angry.

But then I thought about my best friend in Seattle that is starting to run. I bet she wants to go home at 1.5 miles too, but she doesn’t. So I won’t either.

Oakley and I finish with 3 miles at 10:50 pace. It was a hard run. It was a slow run. But we did it.

I opened the door to the house.

Oakley and I just stood outside for a moment and let the AC rush onto our faces.

I’m pretty sure we both sighed. Then we stepped inside and collapsed on the ground.

It was a good run.

Is it cool under there, Oak?

Is it cool under there, Oak?