The Beta Session of T25 contained 5 workout videos, same as Alpha. I feel like the Alpha session had more variety, but perhaps it was because it was novel to me at the time. Beta workouts from least favorite to favorite:

Speed 2.0 Least favorite. It’s basically just jumping around and/or kicking for 25 minutes. Maybe I would not be so bored if I pushed myself, but it’s easy to fall into a rhythm and zone out. There are two sequences of exercises that you do in increasingly shorter reps.

Core Cardio I guess what bothers me most about this workout, is the name. There is a lot of legwork for a “core cardio” video. It begins with the same standing, moving exercises as Dynamic Core. It then goes into some leg-heavy lunges and twists. Then some adductor jumps and boring shuffling. At the end there is a really difficult plank progression that ends with alternating raising opposite leg and arm in your plank. Really, the plank progression is the only unique sequence in this workout. The rest is just old news seen in the other T25 workouts.

Upper Focus Dumbbells (or a resistance band) are required, but you can use the same weight the whole video (unlike P90X which is a whole mess of weights). The workout is peppered with cardio exercises to keep your heart rate up. I love the upper body exercises, but some of the other exercises feel thrown in. There is ab work and side planks even with two other videos called “Core”?  Despite the quirks of this video, I do get a good workout from it.

Dynamic Core I think this is the most difficult video of Beta session, and one of my favorites. It begins with standing dynamic exercises with encouragement to keep your core engaged (some exercises I’m successful, some I’m not). Half way through you revert to more traditional sitting abdominal workouts, scissors, V’s, side planks, superman/rocket man. This is a great video with nothing too complicated but manages to stay interesting and challenging.

Rip’t Circuit This is my favorite of the Beta workouts. You work cardio, upper body, lower body, and abdominal. This is the only other video that requires dumbbells (or resistance bands). You get a great workout but cycle through different body parts so you don’t get too worn out and break form. My favorite exercises in it are the dead lift + weighted squat and 5 second abs (you spend 5 seconds each in different abdominal strengthening poses).

Overall Three of videos have the same warm up which is annoying. I think there are plenty of warm up exercises to choose from and you hurt the repeatability of your videos when you reuse exercises unnecessarily. I love the simplicity of these workouts — 25 minutes and occasional dumbbells. You get your heart rate up and getting moving, and if needed/desired, you can recover and do another strenuous activity later that day.