I typically run 3-5 times/week, but an injury has sidelined me for these last two weeks. While there are studies that show what happens to your fitness during breaks, I have noticed general changes that ultimately demonstrate how my body responds to running and what benefits I receive from it.

5 changes since I stopped running

1. A lower energy level

Running was my afternoon coffee. It was my “reset the day” button.

Come home, throw on some shorts, run a couple of laps, shower. It served as transition between work and home and gave me the energy to tackle my personal to-do list.

Now I’m drinking coffee in the afternoon. I’m mustering up energy to go to yoga.

I feel like I’m in one gear lower than usual.

Energy level: Dachschund

Energy level: Dachshund

It’s not necessarily a bad thing. I work too hard sometimes. It’s a different thing.

I’ve had to adapt. I am waking up earlier and getting things done before WORK zaps motivation and willpower. But, coffee is just not as effective as a sweaty gross physical feat.

2. Decreased appetite

I’m no longer starving for breakfast.

I no longer require a late-night snack to survive sleep.

TH used to find me with my head in the fridge or pantry, eating things before they could be put on plates.

eat all the carbs

There is nothing as appetite-stimulating as a long run. I am not eating as much food now. That’s definitely ok.

3. Decreased water consumption

I drink when I’m thirsty.

That has always worked for me.

As my running picked up, my water consumption picked up as well.

I was probably drinking close to half a gallon of water each day.

Now, I’m drinking a couple of glasses and feeling it slosh around in my stomach.


4. Less patience

I am less tolerating.

I complain more.

Or life has just become generally more irritating.

Results are inconclusive. I’ll get back to you on this.

5. More time

Running is time consuming.

Even just a 3 mile run can take a whole hour with dressing, dog corralling, stretching, and showering. That’s an hour out of your day.

Not to mention all the time spent eating, drinking, recovering, and thinking about eating, drinking, running, and recovering.

I have more time to read, write, play video games, drink alcohol, and complain.

Apple pie moonshine

Apple pie moonshine