Rock climbing in Savannah? The Husband (TH) and I discovered there is a Climbing Co-op for bouldering in Savannah. Bouldering is a form of rock climbing without ropes or harnesses. TH is searching for his “thing”. I was excited to try it out with him!

Rock climbing in Savannah: Part of the climbing room

Part of the climbing room

Rock Climbing in Savannah (Bouldering)

I snapped a photo of 3/4 of the room. The wall tilts inward for a challenging climb.

Each hold, marked with colored tape, belongs to a specific route with a prescribed difficulty. Climbing the route requires strength, balance, skill, and problem solving to find the route’s end.

TH and I also had fun playing on the tight rope in the middle of the room. TH amazed me with his balance!

I was nervous about going and being a newbie. I get scared that the group is going to be elitist and unwelcoming (…even though I can’t really name a time that has ever happened to me). THEY WERE SO FREAKIN’ NICE! Advanced people helped us, complimented us, and let us know when they’d be back so we could coordinate similar times. I was taken aback. What an amazing co-op they have going.

There is padding on the floor and extra padding you can move around. A natural fear of heights also plays a role in keeping you safe, ha. Bouldering works hand, foot, core, and forearm strength. I definitely gassed out a lot, trying to figure out the routes while climbing.

Climbing and tight roping challenged my feet! While I felt limited with my plantar fasciitis, I could see how doing these workouts would strengthen my feet and make them less susceptible to the problems I am having. My injury is definitely showing me that I need to branch out. Climb, swim, yoga, pole, bike.