Pool running is a monotonous exercise that I have resorted to during my foot injury.

Repetitive motion, laps, and views. Predictable crowds. The lifeguards rotate through the stations clock-wise every 15 minutes.

I assume so they don’t die of boredom watching me pool run.

Pool Running Montony Photo By Rufino Uribe [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons


Pool Running Monotony

Just like my legs cycle, my thoughts begin to cycle, too.

The pool running thought cycle:

  1. I forgot to take off my wedding rings, now I have to irrationally hold my left hand in a fist for the entire hour.
  2. Is that whistle directed at me? No.
  3. Only three more lifeguard swaps to go…
  4. I should really be moving my legs faster.
  5. Has it been 30 seconds yet? *turns around to look at clock* No, it’s been 9 seconds.
  6. Why did I buy this $50 buoyancy belt? They are provided for free here.
  7. I should buy a stationary bike, so I don’t have to be in this pool all the time.
  8. Why do I think the solution is to buy more things?
  9. Are they just going to sit on noodles and talk for an hour?
  10. I should really be moving my legs faster.
  11. Are my abs burning because I’m good at engaging my core or because I ate Cajun spiced chicken for lunch?

And then the thoughts kind of repeat.

Is that whistle directed at me?

You’d be surprised how many rules you can break while strapped into a buoyancy belt…

But it’s worth it if it keeps me fit while I cannot run. It’s worth it, as long as I don’t die of boredom. Hopefully one day I can break away from my monotonous thoughts, or convince a friend to come with me.

It’s fun, I promise!

Do you want to go pool running with me?