The podiatrist reported that I may be putting too much pressure on my forefoot when I run, causing my bilateral arch pain.

He didn’t ask me to run so he could see my gait… that would be too practical.

He recommended that I try out Hoka One One shoes to see if that will change my running style while I wait for my orthotics.

Funky zip tie laces

Hoka One One Stintson Lite

Hoka One Ones for Arch Pain

Hoka One Ones are on the opposite side of the spectrum from minimalist shoes.

Their heavily cushioned midsole support and protect your foot’s structures. The padding gives significant height to the shoes, unlike myself.

I know several runners that swear by these shoes – that they helped them recover from injuries and stay healthy. I decided I would try them out, feeling comfortable with my running store’s generous return policy.

Hoka One Ones Arch Pain: Hoka One One Stintson Lite

Hoka One One Stintson Lite

After trying on a few pairs, I went with the Stintson Lites.

Compared to my Brooks Glycerins, they have a lower heel-toe drop (height difference between the heel and toe), 6mm vs 10 mm. They also have a rocker sole design, where the shoes curve from the heel to the toes to encourage proper foot motion/roll off. Both of these features align with the podiatrist’s advice to keep pressure off my forefoot and toes.

Open the door, MA!

Open the door, MA!

I started with 1.5 miles, took rest days in between, and worked my way up to 6 miles over a couple of weeks with no significant pain.

My feet hurt later in the week after the 6 miles, but I think that was due to two 13 hour days in a row following the run.

Nevertheless, my feet have been aching since those rough work days and my time has been consumed. Been a week since I’ve been out there.

I hope these shoes + my orthotics will help me get back on my feet.

Update: These shoes + my orthotics brought me back to marathon-training form!

Ever run in Hoka One Ones?

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