Stupid Long Run - Stupid MountainIt always takes me twice to learn a lesson.

(Unless it concerns tacos and running, that lesson is never learned.)

My marathon training in July was basically thwarted by a long run on the trails. That wasn’t the only factor, but it was an inciting moment.

So what do I do for my 14 miler in Marietta? Do it again, of course!

It took me 5 days to recover, but I think I’m OK.

No more long runs up the mountain anymore.

The Stupid Long Run

Saturday after Thanksgiving, I took a cut through from my parent’s house to the park.

I almost stepped on an Eastern King snake. He was not happy. Then I saw a buck and doe who were also using the cut through.

The most wildlife I see at Daffin Park is that group of chickens.

I had forgotten how tough some of the inclines were, and totally underestimated my time outside.

One of the mountains I ran up

One of the mountains I ran up

But the views were pretty, and the weather was nice. Although I overdressed.

View of Atlanta

View of Atlanta

I went up and down Little Kennesaw Mountain, up and down big Kennesaw Mountain (I had never continued down the other side in my runs before). Then I ran around both mountains back to the house, because I didn’t want to die.



The Husband: Bring food with you.
Me: Yeah, of course.
*Brings 1 gu gel and 1 water bottle*

I should have stopped at the visitor’s center to refill my water bottle, but it was like a whole 200 yards out of the way. I thought there was another water stop on my route, but turns out it was closed for winter. So I ran the whole thing on 16 oz and 1 gu.

Dumb ass.

I should take in nutrition every 45 minutes, so:

(2 hours and 45 minutes) divided by (1 gu * 45 minutes) does not equal 1 gu.

…just in case you were wondering. Elevation and pace

But, I made it home.

Dad made me a bucket of ice water. I sat on the kitchen sink and soaked my feet.

Apparently there was a fruit basket within my reach.

I announced, “I guess I ate this banana?” and handed TH the peel.

I don’t recall the banana.

Dad and TH took turns pushing leftover Thanksgiving food within arm’s reach of me.

I think they were afraid to get too close.

Didn’t want to get eaten.

Anyone else bitten off more than they could chew on a long run?
Favorite Thanksgiving leftover? (Turkey sandwiches!!)