The Hilton Head Island Marathon is this Saturday!

Not sure if you know, but that’s only a few a couple days TOMORROW.

Taper for Hilton Head Island Marathon

I had it ALL together for my first marathon. I knew exactly what I’d wear, what I’d eat, what I’d bring. I practiced it day in and day out.

My sophomore marathon has me a little less anal-retentive and thus, a little less prepared.

I’m trying to adjust from lessons I’ve learned during this set of long runs. I’m trying to change things like my nutrition, without… you know, changing too much or trying new things during the race. Last thing I need is GI issues or a bonk, because I think gels take too long to eat.

Taper for Hilton Head Island Marathon: Me and Dog

“Stop taking photos. Let’s go run, Ma!”

My goals were pretty simple this week.

  1. Get in my miles this week – keep the distances short but fast. 3 miles, 2 miles, 2 miles. Strides today
  2. Eat some good, whole foods. Make dinners. Eat some pasta
  3. Not let work stress me out this week
  4. Figure out what I’m doing with nutrition day-of. YES, I know I should already know this crap, but alas
  5. Make a marathon playlist
  6. Stay positive
  7. NO TACOS!

To be honest, I’ve got a swirl of thoughts going in my head.

I’m still trying to figure out my ratio of gels to chews, how many layers I’m going to wear, and if I’m picking up my race packet tonight (2 hour round trip) or grabbing it in the morning.

But also to be honest, I’m excited for the opportunity to try really hard.

Wish me luck!

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