Zombies, Run! is an immersive audio adventure/fitness app. You are “Runner 5” completing missions for your township during the zombie apocalypse! Great voice actors tell a story in between the music tracks of your favorite playlist. As you run (in real life) and complete missions, you collect supplies to help build up your township. The app features GPS or pedometer tracking, achievements, and wonderful story-telling.

For more information, check out their website here. The app is available on Android and iPhone. There is free content: first 4 missions + 1 more each week. Monthly or annual subscriptions unlocks all the missions and modes immediately.

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Additional note: if you were a paid user before the app went subscription-based, you are eligible for a very discounted annual subscription plus free access to all game modes and Seasons 1-3.

Zombies, Run! Virtual Race

Typically these missions are whatever distance you wish and whenever you want to download and play them. But, this spring they created a Zombies, Run! Virtual Race. For a typical race entry fee, you receive a shirt, medal, and a special 5K/10K mission download. Participants run the mission within a specific time window. A big virtual leader board announces the finishing times.

As soon as I signed up, I got an operative briefing saying that I was selected for a mission…

During the days leading up, several more emails/operative briefings introduced my team and encouraged me to stand by for further instructions. They even gave a phone number to call with a recorded message about the status of still-standing government agencies.

Zombies Run Virtual Race

I was also given 2 training missions to prepare me for the race and prelude the story.

My race packet… uh, I mean sealed mission briefing came in the night before the race window opened.

Zombies, Run! Virtual Race Packet

Mission Packet

Sorry, you can’t see the other side of the card. Eyes only, you know. Let’s just say that a major city is in danger and my team is the only one that can stop it.

Zombies, Run! Virtual Race Shirt

Shirt back

The race window is from March 30-April 11.

Here is my Zombies, Run Virtual Race Recap!

Oh, and probably a review on the Zombies, Run app since they have made so many changes recently.

Have you ever ran in a virtual race?

Ever used Zombies, Run!?