Happy Friday! Today I have three great laughs for you. I have a running tumblr, the 5K to couch program, and two brothers convincing their sister of the zombie apocalypse… Check it out.

1. Married to a nonrunner.com

When you drive to the start of a big race instead of getting dropped off:

Bad decision GIF

My friend and fellow blogger Rheanna sent me this tumblr. It’s a bunch of gifs focused on the emotions around running. Warning, bad language abounds!

2. 5K to Couch program

For when you just need to go back to that sedentary lifestyle.

Found on Runner’s World.

Also relevant: 5 changes since I stopped running.

3. Brothers convince little sister of zombie apocalypse

Morale of the story: Don’t ask your big brother to drive you home after surgery.

Found on Nerdist.com.