Happy Friday! Here are two people who have brightened my week: Ida Keeling and Erik Cavanaugh

Ida Keeling and Erik Cavanaugh: An elderly runner and a different dancer

1. 100-year-old sets world record for 100 meter dash

This 5 minute embedded video of the Penn Relays shows Ida Keeling setting the world record for the 100 meter dash for her age class.

I’ve followed her since she set the 60 yard dash record for 95-99 year olds. In a NY Times article, she explained why she came back to running after all these years.

“I’ve never felt a pain so deep,” Ms. Keeling recalled, her voice lowering to a whisper. “I couldn’t make sense of any of it and things began to fall apart.”

She gets it y’all. She’s a runner.

2. Erik Cavanaugh is ballet dancer “attempting to change the mind and shape of dancers”

Despite having no natural talent or rhythm, I love dance. I fell in love with pole dancing because when you’re doing acrobatics in the air, people don’t necessarily know if you’re on beat.

Cavanaugh is making dancing feel more accessible to others. I love that. I’m his newest Instagram follower – and you should be next! Visit and follow him on Instagram at erik_cav5493.

Side note: Maybe it’s working. Here is Rob Gronkowski practicing ballet.

Any news that has brightened your week?