Happy Friday! We’re wrapping up the first week of runner’s yoga on the blog. This week, we discussed 7 yoga benefits for runners, an anxious person’s guide to trying yoga, and how to balance running and yoga. Today, I’m sharing my 4 favorite YouTube yoga videos for runners. Try these out to complement your running and/or yoga studio practice.

YouTube Yoga for Runners

For Beginners: YogaTX’s Cool Down & Warm Up Flow for Hamstrings & Hips

Cole Chance leads this 23 minute beginner’s level yoga video with lots of verbal cues and pointers. In a pose, she will let you know where in your body you should be feeling it, and how to fix alignment issues. The video is a good flow sequence for hamstrings and hips.

For a well-rounded session: Runner’s Yoga with Adriene

30 minutes long, this felt like a complete yoga session without being overly long. It would be great for a Friday evening after the work week. It is also a good transition to yin yoga, as the poses are held for some time (but not ridiculously long). The most complicated pose is pigeon which she has a video tutorial for.

To recover from yesterday’s long run: Brett Larkin’s Yoga for Runners

Brett also has a 60 minute version of this session, but this 40 minute video felt more time-efficient. It’s a great long session to do on Sunday after Saturday’s long run. She gives a good amount of verbal cues, but I’d consider it an intermediate level yoga video.

Also, check out:

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