So you know that yoga provides many benefits that would be great in your life – sense of calm, ability to be present during stressful times, and a great workout too. You’ve gotten over your anxiety when it comes to starting a new activity. You’re just too busy for yoga!

Just like in running, being consistent in a yoga practice is going to give you the best bang for your efforts. Whether you are looking to make gains in your yoga practice or simply want to compliment your running, here are 12 tips for fitting yoga into your busy life.

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12 Tips If You’re Too Busy for Yoga

Finding Time

1. Find a couple studios near  your house and place of work. They don’t have to become your favorite studios. They will be your convenient studios.

2. Keep your yoga mat and change of clothes in the car. Become familiar with the studio schedules so if you get out early or find some extra time, you will be able to jump into a class.

3. Or know where to find the schedule quickly. A lot of studios use the Mind-Body app to allow clients to book classes. I jump on there as I’m getting off of work to see what is available and what might fit into my day.

4. Find a studio with hours that work for you. Maybe you need a 5PM TGIF Happy Hour class. Or maybe you need a 6AM Power Hour class.

5. Do you have a weekly date with a friend? Perhaps try making it a yoga date instead of a lunch date. That way yoga does not add to your schedule.

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Creating Habit

6. Learn a short sequence that you can do and pair it with a certain time of the day.

7. You could roll out of the bed and onto your yoga mat. Doing a morning yoga sequence to get the blood pumping and get you ready for the day.

8. Or, you could do a restorative sequence as you get into bed. Spinal twists, happy baby, reclined bound angle, and spin around to do Legs up the Wall/Headboard.

9. You could have a small routine that you do before lunch by your desk. Downward dogs before turkey sandwiches!

10. Pair your shorter runs with a YouTube yoga video for your cool down. Put your mat out to remind you when you return from your run and make sure the video is easy to turn on. Here are some of my favorite Yoga YouTube videos.

11. There are some phone apps that will teach you yoga poses and remind you to do some yoga each day. If you use your phone to organize your life, this may be a great option.

12. Find a class that consistently works with your schedule and commit to it.

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A season for everything, including yoga

Also remember that, sometimes great and wonderful things like yoga don’t fit into your life all the time. Think of your life in respect to seasons. Yes, yoga can help you manage some of life’s stresses, but if the pain and struggle of trying to fit yoga into your life is overwhelming yoga’s benefits, consider waiting for the next season.

But! If yoga makes your life better, then hang on to it. Fit it in where you can, even if it’s just 3 sun salutations every morning before oatmeal. Gain consistency to gain the rewards.