Last Friday came and went, and this post never went live. Last week, I talked about vinyasa and Yin yoga (and tips for your first Yin class). So these vinyasa and yin yoga videos are more theme-applicable to last week, but still enjoyable. Happy Friday!

For Beginner Vinyasa

Yoga by Candace presents this beginner vinyasa yoga session. She fits a lot into this 20 minute video, so you may try this video a few times before you start to get the hang of it. There is some fun balancing and lots of movement in this session. You may even want to try slowing down the video to find a more appropriate pace. Note, she is very flexible so the shapes you make may look different (for example, your heels may not come to the ground in downward dog).

For Beginner Yin

Kassandra posted this 30 minute Yin session for hips, IT bands, and hamstrings. The poses are very accessible for beginners without much flexibility. This is a great starting point if the lunge sequences in other yin yoga videos make you anxious! One of my favorite poses, Happy Baby, is in her sequence.

For Experienced Yin

I would recommend this video for the more experienced, because Yogi Nora is incredibly flexible so the shapes she makes look vastly different from the shapes that you might make. If you are experienced in these poses, you will appreciate the sequence and her positive spirit as you settle into same poses at a different level of depth. The video silences in different parts to aid in the meditative spirit she is hoping to help you cultivate, which can be distracting at first.