I’m a resolutions and goals kind of gal. Some years I nail all my resolutions, and other years I come really short. But I find what really matters is that I keep inventory. I keep check. And as we’re approaching the end of month 6 of year 2016, it is time to take stock with a 2016 resolution update.

2016 Resolution Update

1. 5K PR – check

2016 Resolution Update 5K

Freedom Run 5K

April and May I completed a 5K training program moving my PR from 27:33 to 24:27.

While I’ve always respected that the 5K was a hard race, I now understand it a great deal more. It was harder work than I imagined for my “off-season”, but also a great way to introduce some new training elements. A runner does not need to naturally progress to longer distance races like I have. The 5K is a wonderful place.

Further reading: Lauren Fleshman’s 10 Reasons the 5K is Freakin’ Awesome (fantastic, funny read) and FiveThirtyEight’s The 5K, Not the Marathon, Is the Ideal Race.

2. Start taking pole dance classes regularly – nada

2016 Resolution Update Pole

Inverted Selfie

This is the second year in a row that I have fallen short on a pole dancing goal.

I haven’t started classes and now marathon training is knocking on my door. I need to accept that this just isn’t the season for me to pole dance.

Why do I struggle with this? I only have time and capacity to dance for enjoyment, but have yet to find the mindset that allows for that. Instead, I want to be strong, acrobatic, and competitive – and that’s just not in the cards this year (or last year).

3. Travel to Asheville NC, New Orleans LA, Orlando FL, and mystery honeymoon destination – maybe?

Grenada Beach

Grenada Beach

Mystery honeymoon destination was Grenada in March, which was wonderful and fancy. I’m doing research to go to Asheville this summer. I’d like to go to Orlando in December. Some different expenses have come up this year, but I’m still trying to fit traveling even if it’s on a strict budget.

4. Pay off senior year loans – On track

[I spent 2 hours looking for the photo of me and my sister after graduation. I give up.]

I am auto-paying the correct amount monthly to finish in December. I’ve actually been paying this same amount since July of last year, but I am glad that I made it a goal this year. Goal = priority.

Otherwise, when I took note that my over-payments had made the next payment officially due in 2020, I might had been more than tempted to funnel that money to travel, or gutters for the house, or dental surgery. Instead, I’m going to get this highest-interest loan off my back and then snowball the money toward my other school loans.

5. Two marathons – On track

2016 Resolution Update Marathon

Hilton Head Island Marathon

I finished the Hilton Head Island Marathon in February in less than 4.5 hours. I had fallen short of this goal last year. Accomplishing a sub 4.5 hour marathon checked off half of this year’s goal.

It was my second marathon, and the first marathon I tracked and paced. I completed the training cycle injury-free, which was also a first.

I registered for the Savannah Rock ‘n Roll Marathon which takes place on November 5th. In January when I wrote my resolutions, I did not have a time attached to it, but I’m now announcing that my goal time is 4:15. And marathon training begins next week!

Do you have any summer goals?

Are you running a fall marathon?