Happy Friday!

I didn’t want to call these “problem area” yoga videos, because: 1. These areas may not be a problem, they may be a strength that you want to improve. Maybe you wanted stretchier hamstrings because you want to do a front split! and 2. because that reminds me of “spot” exercising, like doing a bunch of sit-ups because you want defined abs. Not the way to go to increase overall health and fitness.

Some of these videos are great overall yoga sessions with a focus on a body area. And others are more like instructional videos so that you can incorporate helpful stretches into your regular routines.

Focus Area Yoga Videos

Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up. (Yea, started from the bottom now we here… sorry) .

Focus Area Yoga Videos

Feet, Ankles, and Calves

First, Lesley Fightmaster has a great last name. Fightmaster Yoga… how awesome is that?

Besides that, this 30 minute session focuses on our foundation – feet, ankles, and calves. This is intense if you already have foot issues. I do a little at a time, so my foot muscles don’t collapse in agony the next morning. If you don’t have severe foot issues this is great to help strengthen and stretch, especially if you wear uncomfortable shoes for work or play.

Quads and Hip Flexors

20 minute hatha and restorative yoga poses to release the tension in tight hip flexors and quads. There isn’t a lot of “flow” for this style, so be ready to be quiet and peaceful.

IT Bands

The iliotibial (IT) is a thick band of fibers that runs along the outer part of your thigh from your pelvis to your shinbone. It can tighten up and be a drag to runners.


This video plays more like an instructional video for IT band stretches, rather than a yoga session. You may find some stretches you would like to incorporate into your daily routine.


This yoga session is a full session with a focus on hamstring flexibility. Near 30 minutes long, it is great to increase flexibility while Adriene keeps yoga accessible to everyone.

Hips & Low Back


This 30 minutes works the hips, hamstrings, and low back. David Procyshyn uses a yoga strap and block, but you can use a towel or belt and a folded blanket to accomplish the same things.

Happy Friday and happy miles!

Do you have a body part that would specifically benefit from yoga?