Happy Friday! In my 12 Tips If You’re Too Busy for Yoga, I mentioned pairing a short yoga sequence to a specific time of day, such as lunch or bedtime. Here are 4 short YouTube yoga videos that will help you get started. These sequences can be done without a yoga mat, either standing or in your bed.

4 No Mat, Short Yoga Videos

1. Boho Beautiful’s 5 Minute Rise & Shine

This sequence can be done in bed in just 5 minutes. Since the sequence is short, it can easily be memorized. Get your blood flowing and your body stretched before you even get up to brush your teeth. Check out Boho Beautiful’s website here.

2. Erin Motz’s No Mat Yoga

Another easily memorized 5 minute session with lunges, chair pose, and forward folds. Great to do outside or just stepping away from your desk before lunch. Visit Erin Motz’s website here.

3. Adriene’s Yoga for when You’re Feeling Sore

At 18 minutes, you may not memorize this sequence but it’s great the day after your long run. This active recovery session feels like a  gentle “shake out” run, but in yoga form and without getting on the floor. (Adriene’s puppy-dog is also super cute). Visit Adriene’s website here.

4. Candace’s Yoga in Bed to Unwind

This bedtime routine is 12 minutes long and can be done in bed. It goes from head to toe, gently stretching and relaxing your muscles to prepare you for sleep. Even if you don’t memorize the routine completely, you can easily start at the top of your head and work your way down in similar style. I’d also love to incorporate legs up the wall/headboard for an easy inversion to aid in sleep. Check out Candance’s website here.

Which sequence & time of day sounds most appealing to you?

Are you running, doing yoga, or doing both this weekend?