Tomorrow I’m releasing my first e-book, 10 Hacks to Get You Out the Door and Running. In it, I have 10 little tricks to get you out the door, but more importantly it shares how to use those tricks to create the habit of running in your life.

I think habits are incredibly powerful. Just like the habit of a stream passing through creates a canyon, our thought and feeling habits create our character. Our physical habits create our bodies and fitness. The habits I have formed over the last few years have formed a more functional and less depressed person. From that I have learned that if you can change your habits, you can change your life. 

In theme with the new e-book, I wanted to share some of my best and worst habits.

Best and Worst Habits Title

My Best and Worst Habits

(At least the ones I’m willing to share). I asked TH if he wanted to contribute to this list. Unsurprisingly, he declined.

The good ones

In Running…

  1. I have short and long-term goals with plans to get there.
  2. I have decided that running isn’t debatable. I just go out there and do it.
  3. I ice joints and muscles when needed.
  4. I fuel properly with good nutrition.

In my life…

  1. I write lists, to-do lists, schedules, and just general reminders.
  2. I exercise my body and mind often.
  3. I avoid fast food and sugary foods.
  4. I measure different aspects of my life and take action if needed.

Best and worst habits

The bad ones

In running…

  1. I often make goals that are not hard enough. If I’m always attaining my goals, it means I’m not truly seeking my limits.
  2. I ignore little tweaks of pain, which is sometimes OK and sometimes not.
  3. I do not work on my running-form often.
  4. I over-do it with multiple workouts, like yoga or pole dancing.

In my life…

  1. I check Facebook or other phone apps when I am avoiding a decision.
  2. I react with negativity and dread when my phone rings or sends me a notification.
  3. I view things through thoughts of obligation rather than want.
  4. I think I’m being productive when I am only monitoring something (ie, checking blog stats vs writing a blog post).

Best and Worst Habits field

New habits I’m trying to form

  1. Sleep and wake-up routines
  2. Running form drills 4 times a week
  3. Demanding alone time and downtime before I need it
  4. Stricter budgeting, knowing where every dollar goes

Come back tomorrow for the release of my new ebook. I wrote it to help you create a running habit for a happier and healthier you.

What’s a good habit you have?

What’s a bad habit you have?