I firmly believe that “going for a run” is harder than actually running. I sometimes spend more time delaying, distracting, and dreading than I actually spend running. And when I’m out there, it isn’t that bad. In fact, I love running. The worst part is leaving my house.

What if I could make that part easier? I’d run more often. My running would improve. My life would improve.

After lots of experimentation and mind games, I made “getting out the door” easier for me. Since then, my running has gotten better on so many fronts. I am consistent. I am faster. It’s only August, but I’ve already beat last year’s total mileage. I’m reaching toward my goals. And frankly, there is less drama.

In my ebook, 10 Hacks to Get You Out the Door and Running, I have 10 ideas to help motivate you to run TODAY. And, more importantly, how to translate those quick tricks into a long-term running habit that will fuel your running successes.

Free Running Ebook

As I was writing this ebook, I realized I wanted to share this with ALL of my readers. I didn’t want it to cost you anything. I didn’t want to hide it behind a price tag. I wanted you to have the book and use it, because it’s a problem that you need to solve if you want to get far in your running.

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Free Running Ebook

Free E-book: 10 Hacks to Get You Out the Door and Running

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