Happy Friday! We had our first hints of cooler weather. It was a beautiful reprieve from August and a preview for what is yet to come.

I am logging the miles and reading all I can on running. I just finished Born to Run by Christopher McDougall (affiliate link) and will give you all a review soon. And I’m also reading a lot of running blogs.

I love reading other blogs because their stories are so different, despite the common thread of running. Maybe they run short distance, long distance, or ridiculously long distances. Maybe they’re trying to lose weight or trying to fight demons. Veterans, parents, ultramarathoners – here are 5 running blogs I’ve recently added to my list of regular-reads.

Favorite Find Fridays

Five Running Blogs to Check Out

1. Transitions from War

Five Running Blogs to Check Out

Mike Ergo

Mike Ergo is combat veteran blogging about using endurance events such as GORUCK and triathlons to transition from war to life back in the States. He speaks openly about PTSD and anxiety, while showing us these amazing multi-day running events. Read about his Ragnar Relay here and watch him train for his first Ironman.

2. Noodle to the Rescue

Five Running Blogs that I've added my regular-reads

Noodle AKA Kelly

Noodle AKA Kelly has an adorable blog. Every time I read her posts, I think that I’m sitting in a coffee shop talking with Kelly on her newest favorite books, what her kids are up to, and how she juggles work, family, and running. And just when I think everything is harmless and fun, she busts out some trail run, racing up mountains for hours at a time. Go get ’em, Noodle!

3. The Freckled Runner

Five Running Blogs that Ive started reading

Jackie of the Freckled Runner

I read several bloggers who have already joined and completed the 50 States Club. Follow Jackie from the start as she runs a marathon in every state. Her blog is full of yummy recipes, goals galore, and some sweet moments. Read the 9 things running has taught her and try her Spicy Peanut Sweet Patoodle recipe.

4. Fiona Fitness Fun

Five Running Blogs that are now regular reads

Fiona of Fiona Fitness Fun

Fiona is working to lose 40 lbs by staying active and making good food choices. She shares tips on staying motivated and eating healthy with children and with a budget. At one point, Run Away from Zombies was also a calorie-counting, running-to-lose-weight blog. I respect and relate to many of her thoughts. Check out the #1 reason you should walk and how to save money on produce at the grocery store.

5. Sad Runner

Five Running Blogs that I regularly read

Adam of Sad Runner

Sad Runner shares personal stories of depression and also shares personal stories of hope. Adam is a depression hacker, sharing how to fight immense depression through the lens of running. Read about his Ode to First Miles or 44 sleep tips for people with depression which I referenced when overhauling my sleep routine (Day 55 and counting!)

Do you have a blog to share?

What’s your favorite blog to read?