For such a cheap sport we have, we runners sure like to geek out on shoes, tech, and gear. Check out these crowd-funding campaigns for runners available now.

5 Crowd-Funding Campaigns for Runners

1. Enda: The First Kenyan Running Shoe

Enda was founded “to bring Kenyan athletic greatness to runners around the world, and to bring sustainable income to Kenya.” Initially backed on Kickstarter and now available on Indiegogo, they are hoping the shoes will be available by early 2017.

2. Runnin’ City

If you travel a lot and run in strange cities, this is the app for you! Available on iPhone already, this Indiegogo campaign is to add more cities and bring the app to Android phones. Start the app on your run and be directed to historic landmarks and points of interests, hear guidebook-like audio information, and learn about the new city you’re in.

3. Runbell

This adorable “Oh my gosh, I’m right behind you, please get out of the way” hand bell surpassed its funding goal, went into production, is now available for purchase.

4. PocketBands

A silicone wrist band to carry your key got quadruple what it asked for during their campaign. The second iteration of the project is now available for purchase.

5. Zombies, Run! The Board Game

Zombies, Run! the audio-adventure fitness app (read my review here) was a crowd-funded campaign back in its day. Naomi Watts and Six to Start were back on Kickstarter to fund a board game with audio components. You can pre-order now.

Would you ever use a run-bell?