A week after my marathon, I found myself floating in a pitch-dark, sound-proof chamber searching for relaxation and recovery: sensory deprivation float therapy.

In a sensory deprivation tank, you float up to your temples in heavily salted water (about 1000 lbs of dissolved Epsom salt in about a foot of water) heated to skin temperature. The tank is sound and light-proof, reducing your sensory input and allowing you to enjoy weightless relaxation. 

It’s an opportunity to quiet your mind with potential physical and mental benefits.

Float Therapy at Remedy Float

I got a chance to try float therapy here in Savannah. Remedy Float is (the only) “float shop” in Savannah, Georgia. Tyler and Lizzy own the shop and have created a friendly, spa-chic, and clinically clean atmosphere.

Sensory Deprivation Float Therapy: Remedy Float Storefront

You can book a 60 or 90 minute float. I reluctantly picked an entire 60 minutes for my first try. I was nervous that I become bored, uncomfortable, or suddenly discover frightening claustrophobia. 

But when I arrived, Lizzy greeted me, explained the process,  and gave me lots of tips. She anticipated all of my concerns like salt in my eyes, how time would feel, and what to do if I began to feel uncomfortable. And I was suddenly looking forward to all 60 minutes.

When I was ready she brought me to my private room. They have two float chambers and each is within a private showering/dressing room. I felt more comfortable knowing that if I needed to “escape” the float chamber that I had a private area to collect myself.

Sensory Deprivation Float Therapy Shower and Chamber Door

Shower and door to flotation chamber

You float nude, except for some foam ear plugs. You shower before and after. After every float, the tank goes through a process of filtration and sanitation.

After showering, I stepped into the float chamber. It is 4 feet wide, 8 feet long, and 7 feet high. You can stand up in it and the water is only 12-18 inches high. I sat down and closed the door creating a vast darkness. I then started the process of letting go and letting my body begin to float.

Sensory Deprivation Float Therapy

Your body is completely supported by the salt mixture, and you float up to your temples. I could feel my hips and neck relaxing and aligning, which was great after the marathon.

I drifted in and out of states of relaxation. Occasionally I’d bump into the wall or get a bit chilly, but most of my senses muted.

I found the tank more relaxing than a massage, because I was completely by myself with no worries or anticipation.

I did find a moment of, “Hm, how much longer?” but was able to bring myself back to quietness. The 60 minutes went great and I could definitely see myself doing a 90 minute float.

When the music came on, I groggily found my way out of the chamber and showered. Afterward, there was an opportunity to drink tea, journal, swing in a hammock, and slowly transition from the relaxing experience back into the world.

Sensory Deprivation Float Therapy: Remedy Float Storefront

Remedy Float Review

After running, it was good to take the pressure of my hips, back and neck. The next day I felt vaguely sore like a massage, especially in my joints. During my next runs, my muscles felt long and relaxed.

I really enjoyed my float at Remedy Float and recommend it to anyone feeling a bit frazzled. I came out more centered, grounded, and the next day more energized. 

I will be returning sooner than later.

To get 25% off your first float, use the code “firstfloat” when booking online with Remedy Float