With the new year creeping (or careening) toward us, maybe (like me) you’re considering setting running goals for next year, for a faster you.

What’s really possible in a year? What would you like to accomplish?

Check out these resources on setting running goals and outlining your year’s work ahead.

Setting Running Goals: Learn how to make big running goals and how to frame your year to reach them.

Setting Running Goals

1. How to Set Good Running Goals (8 min read)

Great for beginners, this article (based on Meb for Mortals by Meb Keflezighi and Scott Douglas) discusses the elements that a good running goal will have.

One of those elements is personal meaning. If your goal is based on others’ expectations, you’re going to drop it fast when training gets hard.

2. How to Set a Long Term Running Goal (4.5 min read)

What is a realistic goal for a 6 month, 9 month, 1 year or more time-frame?

As you move out of newbie-status, personal records don’t come as often. As an established runner how much can you realistically improve in half of a year? Check out this article to move away from short training cycles and into bigger picture territory.

Planning for Your Running Goals

3. Planning the Optimal 1 or 2 Year Training Cycle (7 min read)

With examples for every race distance, this post gives examples of what your year would look like and how it will bleed into the next.

This is a great way to see how and when you would include base-building, speed-phases, and recovery into a year with multiple race seasons.

4. Strength Running’s Q&A on multiple distances in 1 year (8 min video)

What should a year of racing different distances look like? How do you make progress in your 5K AND your half marathon?

The video below explains what you should consider when having 2 or 3 training seasons for different distances.

Training for various distances can improve your favorite distance by shaking things up and improving your body’s different systems.

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