Cool Weather Gifts for RunnersGot a runner on your Christmas list?

Here are 6 cool weather gifts for runners to keep them comfortable when the weather gets chilly, but not freezing cold. Running in the freezing cold, really?! 😉

Affiliate links abound! — If you click and buy something, it won’t cost you anything extra (and in the case of the socks, saves you 25%), but I get some change thrown into my cool weather running fund. Thank you.

And really, I need to make sure all my runners get cool running gifts, because runners love gear!

Cool Weather Gifts for Runners

1. Arm warmers

Cool Weather Gifts for RunnersOh my goodness! The Husband bought me arm warmers at an expo in November.

They’re perfect for the cool days. I wear my same tank top and shorts, but just roll up these babies.

They keep the chill off at the start of the run, but let heat escape off my torso in those middle miles when I would typically be cursing a full jacket.

And if they become too warm, they’re easy to scrunch up, tie to your belt, or shove in a pocket.

Bonus: buy them a bright color so your favorite runner is more reflective during dark, winter runs.

2. Compression socks

Cool Weather Gifts for RunnersLong compression socks are great to add to a shorts combo — another heat release while keeping you comfortable as you step out into the chill.

I prefer to wear them around the house during cool evenings. They promote circulation to your feet and legs, hopefully aiding in quicker recovery.

Runners love to use passive recovery items.

It makes that 2nd cup of post-run hot chocolate seem less indulgent when they’re “recovering” in compression socks.

3. Ear warmers

Hats trap in heat and are annoying when the it’s just not THAT cold out.

But protecting your ears from wind and cold? I’m all for that!

Ear warmers are another perfect warm/cool runner combo. And if you’re out there long enough for the sun to heat up the earth, you can tie it to your wrist or tuck it into a sports bra or pocket.

They have thin technical fabric ones, fleece ones for cooler climates, and even some with ponytail holes that you can stick your hair through.

4. Running socks

High-quality running socks will keep your feet warm without rubbing.

Runners always have their favorite pair of socks, bra, and shorts. They save them for long runs and always pack them for a destination race.

YOUR pair of socks could be those socks. And they’ll think of you every time they put them on.

Bombas has made some great quality socks, and for every pair you buy, they give a pair to the homeless. Get 25% off your first purchase of Bombas socks here.

5. Reflective gear

Cool Weather Gifts for RunnersWith winter, the sun goes down sooner.

Suddenly your runner’s favorite pre-dinner run becomes a swim through darkness.

Reflective gear that is easy to grab before heading out the door is gear that actually gets used.

And that can make non-runners happier about their special person’s strolls into chilly darkness.

And if you make dinner while they are out for their run, you’ll be their special person, too!

6. Signing up January 1st Resolutions Race and racing together

After running, a runner’s favorite thing is to see other people running. Pay their registration fee and do a race together.

They’ll love experiencing the race with you whether it’s your first or you’re long-time running buddies.

Have you ever gifted a race?

What are you getting your favorite runner?