While 2015 was filled with unexpectedness, this year gave me an opportunity to come into my own.

TH and I experienced our first year living together, alone, as a married couple. Despite our longstanding relationship, we’re still learning how to best help each other. I think a lot of our successes this year stemmed from better mutual support.

I finished a read-able draft of my 2015 NaNoWriMo novel (a zombie novel) and even (gasp) gave it to some alpha readers. I’m gradually fitting in time for research and prep work before my editing.

I learned so much about running and training this year! Incredible amounts. And while I’ve always had fun writing this blog, I almost cried with happiness when I used that knowledge and my engineering/problem-solving background to create a training plan for a fellow runner.

Am I where I want to be as a runner? as a writer? as a coach? as a wife? No. But, I am those things – and as much as this Type-A, ambitious person wants to drive furiously toward success – I step back and am thankful for where I am.

I’m happy to have found “my things” and to be moving within them. Miles are miles. Words on the page are words down. And progress is progress.

2016 Year Recap


Long Run Breakfast

I peaked in mileage for my marathon. And I bought a piece of adult-furniture, a dining table (not pictured).


Hal Higdon Marathon Intermediate 1 Plan Overview Start

From February’s marathon

I completed my 2015 goal by completing a marathon in 4.5 hours.

I also ran the Tybee 10K and won third place in the Flatlanders Canyon Crash 10K.


Sunset in Grenada

Sunset in Grenada

For our 1 year anniversary, we went on our honeymoon. TH picked out the place and did all the planning, while keeping it a surprise from me.


5K tips for the long distance runner high fiving

High-fiving the children

I began a 5K training cycle starting with this baseline 5K. And I launched the Facebook page, pivoting from personal blog to training resource.


Miles for Meals 5K Race Recap Medal

Medal Presentation

Racing season! I won my age group at the small Miles for Meals 5K. I also got a 10K PR and my 2016 goal of a 5K PR on Memorial Day.


Running Focused on Gratitude

Hey Ma, open your mouth like this!

I wrote a Yoga Series on the blog and got my wisdom teeth removed. Oakley helped.


Running focused on gratitude

First run after surgery

A few days after dental surgery, in the heat of summer, I began training for my fall marathon.


Can an average runner boston qualify- Title

In August I wrote about my 10 year goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I love this goal because it’s a shoot for stars, land on the moon kind of goal.


Runners Try Yoga: Q&A interview with three runners who have tried yoga to compliment and complement their running programs

I got my RRCA coaching certification in September. I also put together one of my favorite posts, Runners Try Yoga with interviews from new running yogis.


Forsyth Park Clean Up

Hurricane Matthew had us evacuating Savannah at the start of October. My family and house were thankfully safe. We’re still cleaning up debris from the storm.


Marathon Measures Taper: Training recap using Hal Higdon Intermediate 1 Marathon Program

Shirt and Bib

I ran my second marathon of the year and wrote a 50K word novel about a robotics prodigy.


Do something today that your future self will thank you for

I spent the month readying myself to launch training plan design services in 2017. My loves of running, goal setting, charts, problem solving, helping others, and office supplies all merged at this happy intersection, leaving me excited for 2017 and all that it brings.


What’s your favorite memory this year?