I’ve declared three years of new year’s resolutions on this blog.

It’s time for a 2016 resolution recap and a 2017 goal discussion.

2016 Resolutions Recap

2016 Resolutions Recap Marathon

1. Two Marathons

One in February (goal time: <4:30) and one in the fall (goal time decided mid-year: 4:15). Learn a lot about training and successfully navigate two marathon training cycles in one year.

Two marathons – check, <4:30 in February – check, 4:15 in November – close, but no cigar.

5K Tips for the Long Distance Runner

2 completion, 3 division placements

2. 5K Personal Record

In 2014, my 5K personal record was 27:33. I spent two months specifically training for the 5K as my shorter training cycle in between the marathons.

My current 5K personal record is now 24:27 – check.

Right-handed handspring

3. Start taking pole dance classes regularly


I thought I would start classes in the off-season after my spring marathon and then continue to work it in from there. Instead, I spent the time running and writing and I spent the money on yoga, myofascial release therapy, and physical therapy.

Sometimes when I consider all my starts and stops in pole dancing, I get discouraged and feel guilty. But as other parts of my life flourish, I realize that I just don’t have time to do it all – and that it’s OK, even good for me – to pick and choose.

When I have the time, I try to do a weekly at-home pole session. And when I’m not doing that, I try to be OK with it.

2016 Resolutions Recap

At the GT Pi Mile Race

4. Pay off my Georgia Tech senior year loans

Technically, no.

I was on track earlier in the year, but I ended up consolidating and refinancing my student loans through Credible (referral link). I checked Sofi and Earnest, but Credible offered me the best rate.

They lowered my interest rate from 6.7% to 4.5%. That placed the loans lower on the “Interest We’re Paying” totem pole and I redirected my extra payments elsewhere.

Despite not making THIS goal, I’m proud that I got my finances in order and that I’m efficiently paying things off – which is in spirit with this resolution.

2016 Resolutions Recap Grenada


5. Travel

Travel to New Orleans LA, Ashville NC, Orlando FL, and a mystery honeymoon location.

We only made it to the mystery honeymoon location, which was Grenada.

In June, I was still hopeful to cross some of these others off the list, but a lot of the money went to decidedly un-fun things like taxes and dental surgery. And then the financial year changed completely when it was decided that The Husband would return to school.

While I had been content doing a bit of traveling while slowly chipping away at our student loan debt, the thought of piling on more frightened me. It spurred us into getting the financial house in order (like refinancing loans) and deciding what are true goals were.

2017 Resolutions?

Despite the years of public annual goals, I’ve decided not to make formal resolutions for 2017 and instead will “resolve” quarterly.

Watching the last couple of years unfold, I realize that my resolutions are often discarded for better opportunities and not specific failure. For example, no where in my resolutions is the marked progress of my Zombie Novel, the transformation of this blog from personal to a helpful resource, or the launch of my business as a running coach.

I think I can make better decisions if I keep the year in mind, but shorten my sight when it comes to goals and actions.

I’m most successful with seasonal goals, anyway. And as I practice them, I’m becoming more comfortable prioritizing and saying no to good things.

So, there won’t be any formal resolution updates this year.

Intead, this first quarter I’m honing in on training plan design and learning how to best provide services to runners. I’ll be chugging through my half marathon training cycle. And I have a smaller goal of nailing down the Universe Rules and World Building for my Zombie Novel.

Maybe Quarter 2 will see the edit of the novel, or maybe something else will require my focus.


Happy New Year!

Do you make new year’s resolutions?