Today’s Favorite Find Friday is a bit different. I’m sharing four crucial reasons to keep a training log and a free printable download (no email needed!).

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Favorite Find Fridays

4 Reasons to Keep a Training Log

1. Motivation

Filling out your training log on the fridge before assembling your smoothie can become a habit all its own – capable of motivating you to go out and run.

You haven’t missed a run all month – do you really want to break the chain?

Training Log PDF2. Accountability

We can fool ourselves into thinking that we’re following our training plan more closely than we actually are.

Skip a day here. Cut this run short to make it back in time for football. Maybe I’ll do the drills another day…

Filling out a training log gives you a more realistic view of your training.

3. Pattern recognition

Always have a bad run after eating tacos? Get injured during speedwork that’s preceded by 3 bad runs in a row? On paper sometimes it is easier for you or your coach to spot patterns.

You can start experimenting based on the patterns you find. Maybe don’t eat tacos before a race. Maybe take an extra rest day if you have 3 “meh” days in a row.

4. Reminder

When doubt starts to set in, you can look back on all your training logs and see all the miles you’ve run. Let that give you the pep talk you need that the hay is in the barn, and you’re ready for race day.

Training Log PDF

A lot of running apps and GPS software allow you to add notes to your running stats. You may prefer this digital route.

I like that data, but I often find it difficult to review at a glance. If you are the same way or just prefer the tactile experience of writing, I’ve created a starter training log for you.

Click here for Run Away from Zombies Training Log

Try it out. Figure out what you want to remember and what you don’t, and then create your own!

Keeping a training log can help you improve and remind you how far you’ve come.

Do you track how your runs go?