Sometimes I joke that I hate running.

And not just because I have to go out in the rain or cold.

And not just because it takes away time that I could be sitting on the couch and drinking beer.

I hate it because it changed my life forever.

Running Changed My Life

How Running Changed My Life

When Couch-to-5K consisted only of an HTML table of timed intervals and long before this blog existed – I hated running.

But eventually, I learned to run.

And then, I learned to love it.

I began writing constantly about running.

I became a coach.

And now, I help others who start out hating running.

To be honest, I didn’t think much of my transformation at first. It wasn’t until it started seeping into other parts of my life and my beliefs, that I took notice.

Every time I encounter something that:

  1. I know nothing about,
  2. Have no idea how to start,
  3. Don’t think I will like,
  4. and am ready to disregard

How Running Changed my LifeI am reminded.

I am reminded that at one point, running was that for me.

Running scared me. It made me feel inadequate and I had no idea how to start doing it. I disregarded and even attacked it for years to hide my insecurities about it. And now it’s an amazing part of my life.

Running is my proof-positive.

I can’t discard anything now.

I can’t let fear be an excuse.

Running has taught me that if I am open, great things can happen.

So, if you’re scared; if you hate it; if you’re “just not cut out for it” – that’s OK.

You’re in good company.

Now be ready to take that one step forward.

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