Global Running Day (and National Running Day) is the first Wednesday in June. This year, it’s June 7, 2017.

Here’s 7 ways to celebrate the 7th – Global Running Day!

Global Running Day / National Running Day 2017

7 Ways to Celebrate Global Running Day

1. Pledge to run

Pledge below to run on Global Running Day.

Announce your pledge on social media and spread the word about the benefits and the great community found in running.

2. Run with your running group

Do a special run with your running group or organize a community outreach run.

Make your event an official Global Running Day Event. And share with your local media so people know where to find you!

3. Run with your friends

Keep it smaller and pull your friends together to run. Enjoy the sport and day together.

(and, possibly tacos).

4. Pledge to volunteer for a race

Races are put on by some amazing volunteers, if you’ve only raced and never volunteered, you’re missing half the picture. Find a race and sign up to volunteer today!

Global Running Day Runners

5. Run without GPS

Find a new route, ignore your timed paces, and just go with the flow. Discover new things and break out of tired cycles.

6. Do something to support your running journey

Need a new pair of running shoes? A yoga class or massage? Go for it.

Or, build yourself a new running music play list. If you’re like me, you’ve promised yourself for the last 20+ long runs that you were going to do it.

7. Make it your Runner’s New Year’s Day

If you haven’t been running awhile, pick it up again.

If you want to try something new, start this day. See where it takes you a year from now.

Decide to take yourself more seriously or less seriously. Invest in a running plan or a coach. Or, run with more heart and less pressure. It’s your new year.

Global Running Day Banner

Global Running Day

Enjoy Global Running Day! I’ll be out there with ya.

Runners: Going to run on June 7th?