A strong core will improve your running form and help prevent injuries. Add core workouts to the end of an easy run and build from there. Your workout will be 10 minutes longer, but you’ll be 10 minutes stronger.

Check out these 3 core workouts for runners to get started.

Core Workouts for Stronger Runs: 3 Youtube Videos for a stronger core for runners

3 Core Workouts for Stronger Runs

Strength Running’s The Gauntlet Plank Workout

Constructed and demonstrated by Strength Running’s Jason Fitzgerald, the Gauntlet Plank Workout is 11 plank variations. Try 30 seconds for each exercise and build up your time from there.

Get more detailed instructions, including frequently asked questions, on StrengthRunning.com.

2. Bodybuilding’s At Home Core Workout

Not specifically created for runners, At Home Core has a lot of variations for abdominal exercises. Do one or two rounds for a 10 or 20 minute workout. This is a nice one to switch to when you get bored, but isn’t well-rounded enough for constant play.

3. Running on Om’s Functional Core for Runners

10 minutes focusing on the core and posterior chain. Julia Hanlon is a runner and a yogi so this video is a blend of core-focused yoga and yoga-inspired exercises that will help you become a stronger runner.


Bonus: The Run Experience’s Single Arm Plank to Down Dog

The Run Experience does a great job explaining how a stronger core can prevent injuries and keep you from falling apart at the end of runs.

This video contains one exercise that will keep your hips and shoulders from “collapsing” during your runs.

Tips for Adding Core Work

  1. Start once a week after an easy run. Once that becomes easy, add a second day.
  2. After several weeks, add your core work to the end of a hard run. Your body will respond more drastically to the same exercises when it’s tired from a long run.
  3. Don’t be afraid to switch it up. There are a lot of core exercises out there. If you start to get tired of a video, switch to a different one. It might keep you from mentally burning out.
  4. Want to make it harder? Check your form. 😉 Make sure your back, shoulders, and hips are all where they are supposed to be.

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