Eventually it happens to all of us – some of us more often than others – running feels a bit… tedious. It becomes harder and harder to get out the door. Other things seem much more enjoyable.

You’ve lost your running mojo… again.

How do you get it back?

Here are a handful of things to try, cards to play, to jump-start that running mojo.

Jump-Start Running Mojo

5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Running Mojo

1. Identify what got you here

If you’re struggling with motivation issues – is it just running or in other parts of your life as well? Are you injured, sick?

Sometimes a change in diet, sleep, or less stress will get you in a better spot to enjoy running more. Running isn’t separate from the rest of your life.

2. Change of scenery

There is something refreshing and healing about nature. The Japanese have a practice called “Forest Bathing,” which is basically short walks into nature just for health’s sake.

Go to a beautiful park. Go for a hike. Walk fast until you break out into a run. Run a bit. Then, walk again. No pressures. Just enjoy.

3. Change of routine

If you’re a morning runner, try a night run. Or, try to run by time rather than distance.

If you’re routine-less, try fixing yourself to a schedule for a short amount of time. Run 1 mile every day for a week or month. How does that make you feel?

By forcing routine, you can bypass indecision and worry. You can even try a running plan.

Jump-Start Running Mojo

4. Inject some speed

Running the same pace every run is boring, and ineffective. Start with throwing in 3-4 pickups in speed during your otherwise easy run.

Move on to a Fartlek run, where you’re changing gears and speeds through the majority of the run.

By changing the stimulus, your body will react – and you might find some of that runner’s high.

5. Add variety

Add more cross-training days. Alternate between running and swimming or biking. (Or, gather some courage and try yoga).

You don’t have to give up running to try different exercises, and you’ll be less anxious to do your run day if you know something else is waiting just around the corner.

You can add variety to your run. Try to get in a certain number of push-ups into your next 3 miles. Attempt a circuit run with jumping-jacks and sit-ups.

Jump-Start Running Mojo

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Stick in There

Sometimes it just takes time.

Just like it took time to fall in love with running, it took time to fall out of love. And, it will take time again.

And when you get that running mojo back, it’ll be like you never left – flying down that asphalt.

Hacks to get you out the door

Runners, how do you jump-start your running mojo?