Your sweet Valentine is a runner. How do you love and support a runner? Check out these sure-fire ways to be your runner’s favorite, right next to their lucky racing shorts and any mediocre pizza.

How to Support and Love a Runner this Valentine's Day

How to Love and Support a Runner

Take Care of Them

  1. Massage their feet or calves. Bonus: Buy them a massage
  2. Don’t feed them tacos the night before a race
  3. Give them time for their Sunday post-long run nap

"When I get home I"m gonna workout, meal prep, and clean... ME WHEN I GET HOME"

At a Race

  1. Wake up early and go with them
  2. Park the car so they can get into the port-a-potty line early
  3. Don’t make them late
  4. Hold their stuff
  5. Meet them at multiple places on the route and shout encouraging things. Do not say, “You’re almost there.” (Bonus: meet them at the hardest places on the route)
  6. Take awesome photos of them running where they don’t look tired, look like they’re running (and not walking), and aren’t getting passed by a small child or someone in penny loafers
  7. Meet them at the finish. (Bonus: with beer)
  8. Don’t rush them away from the post-race party – they trained hard, raced hard, and want to enjoy!
  9. Take them to their favorite post-race meal
    How to Love a Runner: "Every pizza is a personal pizza if you believe in yourself."

Feed Them

  1. Pizza
  2. Sushi
  3. Burgers
  4. Beer
  5. Pasta
  6. Not salad
  7. Tacos

Love and Support a Runner: "Kinda Wanna Run a Mile. Kinda Wanna Eat 10 Tacos"

Bonus: I asked TH how to woo a runner. First, he said, “Wooo!” with his hands up. Then he said, “Don’t judge how much they eat.”

When They’re Injured

  1. Watch movies about running with them
  2. Feed them ice cream
  3. Get fat with them

Support Them

  1. When they ask if they should sign up for a specific race, always say yes (Bonus: Say, “Sign me up too!”)
  2. No seriously, run with them sometimes
  3. Ask them how their run went
  4. Listen to their mile splits, even if you totally don’t get itLove and Support a Runner: "Hey girl, let me massage your feet and listen to your mile splits."
  5. Encourage them to invest in their passion – whether it be time or money. Many folks with families start to feel guilty for spending so much time running, forgetting that self-care and self-improvement helps the entire family
  6. Stop asking what they’re doing this weekend – they’re running

Love and Support a Runner: "Stop asking what I'm doing this weekend. Running. I'm running. This weekend. Next weekend. Every weekend. Forever."

Happy Valentine’s Day! Share with your non-running loved ones so they know what to do with you…

Love and Support a Runner

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